Unleash Your Musical Talents: Discover how you can be a part of a team that supports artists and helps them achieve their dreams.

The creative industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the desire of artists to innovate, collaborate, and promote their work in unprecedented ways. They seek to establish their brand and manage their careers on their own terms, tailoring their approach to their preferences.

The future of the music industry is being shaped by a new generation of creators who are exploring boundless possibilities using the tools at their disposal. Our global digital music distribution service and label department empower artists and creators to maintain complete control over their music. We offer a range of tools and services, including options for royalty distribution, team management, and the ability to create multiple artist profiles, accessible through both our mobile and web applications, enabling artists to release their work on the go. We see ourselves as part of a cultural movement dedicated to advancing the industry.

The foundation of our commitment to artist independence and culture lies in our core values. At Amuse, we empower all individuals involved in the creative process, including artists, storytellers, engineers, marketers, and communicators, to unlock their full potential. Our focus is on streamlining the artist experience, emphasizing efficiency, collaboration, and creativity. While we work diligently and intelligently, we recognize that maintaining a work-life balance is essential to fostering creativity. We are embarking on an extraordinary journey, and we are actively seeking talented individuals to join us in this endeavor.

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Our Cultural Values

We embrace challenges

At Pind Hood Records, we're not afraid to take risks and challenge our existing ways of thinking and working. This mindset drives us to achieve new and exciting goals.

We take initiative

Nothing is someone else's responsibility here. We take ownership of tasks and, when we see a problem, we proactively work to find solutions, either independently or in collaboration with colleagues. We don't back down when faced with obstacles; instead, we step out of our comfort zones and adapt. We thrive in a dynamic, friendly, and fast-paced environment, and we never say, "it can't be done."

We prioritize listening and learning

At Pind Hood Records, we don't just listen to music; we also listen to feedback from customers and colleagues. We actively seek input, ask questions, and value diverse perspectives. Together, we build connections and break down barriers. We genuinely engage with the music industry, the industries that impact our business, and our own company's growth.

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